Developing TAPPI Standards

Standards are of the utmost importance in the pulp, paper and converting industries as they have a serious impact on business and trade. As a member, you are eligible to get involved in the process of developing new Standards for the industry.

How to Propose new Standards

Are you interested in proposing a new Standard? We encourage members to consult our complete list of subject categories for Standards below, or view the PDF list.

If you have a general idea for a Standard, you can complete the New Idea Submission Form. We will review your idea and identify the right committee or group to work on your suggestion.

If you already further along, you can send an initial draft to A Standards manager will then work with you to develop a Standard-Specific Interest Group (SSIG) for the new Standard. This will set in motion the development and review process, which is described in the Standards Guidelines.

TAPPI Standards Guidelines

If you are at the writing stage, or if you are the chairperson of a Standards working group, you can download a copy of our Regulations and Style Guidelines.

In this manual, you will find:

  • How to write a Standard Test Method using proper terminology and format
  • How to write TAPPI Standard Specifications, Glossaries and Guidelines using proper terminology and format
  • What requirements exist for precision statements in Official and Provisional Test Methods
  • A checklist to make sure all required sections have been included in a Standard draft
  • How working group chairperson, working groups and Standard-Specific Interest Groups (SSIGs) fit into the process of preparing a Standard
  • How the balloting process works
  • How to resolve comments and negative votes

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TAPPI Tissue Properties & Processes(1)

Item Code: ELT-T101

Tissue Manufacturing Technology

Item Code: ELN-002

Pulp Manufacturing Technology

Item Code: ELN-003

Dryer Fabrics Design and Applications

Item Code: ELN-009.43

Summary of Wet End Optimization

Item Code: ELN-009.32

Calendering Basics, Equipment, Variables

Item Code: ELN-009.48

Additives Overview

Item Code: ELN-001.11

Chemical Recovery: Combustion

Item Code: ELN-003.21

Alkaline Papermaking

Item Code: ELN-006.29

Cleaning Operations

Item Code: ELN-009.9

Refining Intensity, Freeness Drops, Plates, Systems

Item Code: ELN-009.7

Basic Statistics

Item Code: ELN-011.2

Bending Resistance/Stiffness

Item Code: ELN-011.10

Pulp Bleaching Demonstration

Item Code: ELN-010.6

Box Plant Basics - Box Plant Equipment Basics

Item Code: ELC-009

Deposits & Foam Control

Item Code: ELN-002.13

Tissue Structure

Item Code: ELN-002.2

Paper Machine Headbox Operation

Item Code: ELN-001.18

Short Span Compression

Item Code: ELN-011.12

Starch Preparation & Handling

Item Code: ELN-009.46