Affiliate Membership

Our Affiliate Membership package intended for public, collegiate and university libraries and is US $355 for one year. 

The subscription package includes the following:

  • TAPPI Journal electronic subscription, which includes Progress in Paper Recycling (PPR) via email and  IP authentication. 
  • Access to over 20,000 documents in the TAPPI e-Library.
  • Electronic versions of TAPPI’s newsletters: Ahead of the CurveCaught in the NETOver-the-Wire (OTW), Tissue360°PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up, and the Standards and Tips Action Report (STAR).
  • Print collection of the year’s TAPPI Journal (summaries and index).*
  • Hardbound printed yearbook containing the year’s TAPPI Journal articles in their entirety.*
  • Printed edition of the bimonthly Paper360º.

*An additional US $14 mail fee applies to those outside the USA.