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Monday 1/28 to Tuesday 01/29

Work Management Planning and Scheduling-Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, open

Learn best practices from IDCON to help you prepare work orders that support reliability and efficiency.

Wednesday 1/30 to Thursday 01/31

Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Program-Raleigh, North Carolina, open

IDCON's "S-TOP" course teaches you how to stay on budget and minimize downtime by using a five-step process to minimize shutdowns and downtime.

Tuesday 2/5 to Thursday 02/7

Direct Print:Intro to Flexography and Print Assessment Course-Renton, Washington, USA, open

This course focuses on the basics of flexography and its five core variables: Anilox, Paper, Plates, Ink and Machine. Participants will gain an understanding of press set up, print assessment, target evaluation, ink management and housekeeping, as well as troubleshooting print issues.

Monday 2/11 to Tuesday 02/12

Materials and Spare Parts Management-Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, open

Improve how you manage the spare parts and materials in your organization to reduce maintenance costs, time and parts inventory.

Tuesday 2/12 to Thursday 02/14

Direct Print: Monitoring and Controlling Color Course-Renton, Washington, USA, open

Color is one of the best ways to influence buying decisions. This course covers the definition of color, viewing conditions, and color evaluation tools and equipment as well as how to: identify a color, request matched ink from the ink manufacturer, interpret color data and manage ink on the press to maintain color.

Wednesday 2/20 to Friday 02/22

ASPI Spring Meeting-Sarasota, Florida, USA, open

Each spring, ASPI brings together leaders from a wide range of pulp, paper, and packaging industry suppliers to further their knowledge about how best to serve industry customers.

Advanced Bonding: Examining the Bonding Process

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

This course will help students increase their understanding of the corrugated bonding process including factors and variables that impact bond performance, determining proper bonding settings, glue line analysis, combined board caliber and process centerlining as well as identifying the causes of warp and how to correct warp with coated liners.

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Coating and Lamination in Packaging Applications

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Learn coating and lamination fundamentals and apply your knowledge in operations and quality control.

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Best Practices on the Corrugator

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

This course is designed to give an understanding of each element in the corrugating process, which will lead to higher productivity and profitability, better quality, as well as reduce waste and downtime.

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