Slate Announced for 2018 TAPPI Board of Directors

TAPPI’s 2017 Nominating Committee presents the following candidates for the 2018 TAPPI Board Slate. 

For TAPPI Directors

  • Carrie Enos, University of Maine Foundation
  • Josh Reich, Greif
  • Matt Szymanski, Green Bay Packaging

Other Nominations:

Per TAPPI’s bylaws, the association's membership has until Nov. 1, 2017, to submit other nominations to the President and CEO of TAPPI Larry N. Montague. Such nominations must be signed by at least one percent of the voting members, and each voting member may sign for only one such nomination. Each such nomination must be accepted in writing by the nominee. The name of each such nominee so submitted, signed, and accepted shall be placed on the election ballot. The election ballot shall give voters the options of voting for or against the entire slate or for or against the individual candidate(s) for each position.

Elections will begin Dec. 1, 2017, and conclude Jan. 15, 2018. Contact Mary Beth Cornell, + 1 770-209-7210, with questions.

TAPPI Nominating Committee 2017

  • Chair, Chris Luettgen, Renewable Bioproducts Institute Georgia Tech


Local Sections Member

  • Michael von Grumbkow, BTG, Lake States TAPPI Local Section 

Division Member

  • Josh Reich, Greif, Young Professionals Division 

Past Board

  • Gary Scott, SUNY
  • Sandy LeBarron, Finch Paper
  • Frank Sutman, Solenis

Current Board

  • Pete Augustine, Fabio Perini
  • Larry Montague

TAPPI Board 

Returning Officers and Directors:

  • Paul Durocher, Sappi North America, Chair, (March 2017-March 2019)
  • Pete Augustine, Fabio Perini, Vice Chair, (March 2017-March 2019)
  • Richard M. Berry, CelluForce, (2016-2018)
  • Fernando L. G. Bertolucci, Fibria Celulose S.A., (2017-2019)
  • James L. Cooper, Retired from Dow Chemical, (2017-2019)
  • James R. Haeffele, Essity, (2016-2018)
  • Donald Haag, Packaging Corp. of America, (2017-2019)
  • Tony Lyons, Imerys Technology Center, (2016-2018)
  • Larry N. Montague, TAPPI

Retiring Directors as of March 2018:

  • Medwick V. Byrd, NCSU - Paper Science and Engineering, (2015—2017)            
  • Anitra Collins, International Paper, (2015—2017)
  • Marko Hakovirta, North Carolina State University, (2015—2017)